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Credit Hub Capital has been in the loan industry since 2010. We offer financing services including payday loan, foreigner loan, personal loan and short term business loan at a reasonable interest rates and payments terms. In fact, our company is currently positioned as the top licensed money lender in Singapore.Read More
Payday loan is popular in Singapore and simple as what the name suggests, a short term unsecured loan that helps your financial needs when you require it for only short period of time. Usually borrowers aim to repaid this payday loan at their next coming payday. We provide customised payday loans that are suitable to your personal requirements and needs.Read More
When financial concerns arise, taking out a personal loan may be the initial solution you have in mind. However, it is still a wise decision to consider other factors before you think of submitting your loan application form to a lender. The following are some tips that can increase your chances of finding the best and most reliable Singapore licensed money lender.Read More
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